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About Women in Rotary - Invitation :

Rotary is a global organisation that unites millions of men and women changing the world into a better place. Women confidently embrace the leadership opportunities provided by their Rotary Clubs and have been making an impact in the communities around the world.

The role of women is a key note - to address the areas of membership diversity and gender equality.

One such District of Rotary International. Dist. 3170 from zone 5 is carved out of 3 states i.e. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and its diverse cultures. There are 129 clubs in the dist. With 5756 members including lady Rotarians.

We have 3 clubs which have all lady Rotarians.

One such club formed in the year 2007 is Rotary club of Gargis Kolhapur District 3170 which comprises of 63 women professionals from the fields of Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers and Educationists. Since its inception, Rotary Club of Gargis Kolhapur has been serving the community needs for children and women in health and education. The other two all Women clubs of District 3170 are Rotary Club of Seven Hills Dharwad and Rotary Club of Margoa Sunrise.

We will be organizing an International Conference of Women in Rotary on the 8th and 9th February 2020. The conference will be hosted by Rotary Club of Gargis Kolhapur at Hotel Sayaji in Kolhapur. The purpose is to increase membership and retention of women Rotarians, taking into consideration the need to increase membership of women in Rotary.

Our vision for the coming years is to create positive new ideas to foster the Rotary culture, where men and women work at par to bring a dynamic change in the lives of individuals.

The theme is more Women means better Rotary, Celebrating womanhood, inspiring Change.

The theme emphasizes the significance of admitting and involving more women into Rotary for a meaningful impact in the lives of communities around the world, Increase club, district and public awareness of opportunities, membership and benefits of women membership.

The event would be at a multi district and international platform in which women Rotarians from all over the country as well as from South Asian Clubs which comprises of Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh would be invited.

The conference highlight is Conference for the Women, by the Women.

It will be a conference to look forward to with well planned activities and good speakers.

I request you all to promote participation of this unique event in your Districts, so that, women in Rotary can come together and enjoy fellowship and motivate each other.

In this endevour we request your gracious presence for the event.

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